Republican Congressman Steve King says his Democratic opponent hasn’t earned the right to debate him face-to-face. 

Matt Campbell of Manning, the Democratic nominee for Iowa’s fifth district congressionl seat, went to King’s town hall meeting in Sioux City earlier today to confront the congressman.

“I will ask you simply, you’ve never debated an opponent in eight years since you’ve been in office and I’d like to know whether you, this year, will participate in a live, televised debate,” Campbell said. 

King replied: “And my answer to that is that judging from the fashion that you’ve conducted yourself, you have not earned it.” 

The Sioux City Journal posted video of the exchange on its website. 

Campbell says King is “not respecting the election process” by refusing to debate his opponent. King accuses Campbell of staging a “fraternity prank” by coming to the town hall meeting and asking King about a debate.