Ceremonies around the state and the nation Saturday will mark the 9th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Des Moines firefighter Daniel Lamb says they have a day-long remembrance planned that starts right around the time of the attacks.

Lamb says they will start with a tribute at 8:30 in the morning on the Court Avenue Bridge downtown that includes a moment of silence and the ringing of a bell that signifies the final alarm for those who lost their lives. He says it will also honor those who have lost their lives on the job since 9-11 and those who will in the future.

Lamb says the large number of firefighters and police officers that died in the terrorist attacks did put a focus on first responders.

Lamb says they were propelled into the spotlight as people saw firefighters and police officers going into buildings that others were coming out of to be sure that the people still inside were safe.

Lamb says the firefighters and police officers are glad to get the recognition, but that spotlight is not what they sought. He says everyone made it out that they were heroes, but he says they don’t consider themselves heroes, because it’s their job, it’s what they do.

Lamb was asked if some firefighters were spurred to take up the job after seeing what happened during 9-11. But he says most people were probably influenced to join the military. Lamb says there are some people who say they became firefighters because of the spotlight on 9-11 and it showed them what firefighters do for each other.

The events in Des Moines will conclude with an evening 9-11 tribute concert, with the proceeds going to the Des Moines Firefighters Welfare Fund.