The Center for Energy and Environmental Education at the University of Northern Iowa is again offering schools a chance to take part in the “Iowa School Energy Challenge.” Jeff Beneke oversees the program, and says it allows middle through high school students to use energy information from their own environment to learn.

Beneke says the students look at monthly utility bills and analyze the information. They put meters on equipment throughout the building to see if there are ways which they can conserve energy. Beneke says students usually work in groups on the project. He says it’s typically a club or class that takes over the project.

Beneke says in most cases students can also incorporate a study of their energy use at home. The goal is to give the students a real life look at energy use. Beneke says the entire purpose is to have students start thinking about energy use at school and home, and everywhere they go.

Beneke says he has enough funding so the first 25 schools to sign up can participate at no cost. For more information, contact Beneke at 319-273-3850.