Gas prices across much of Iowa have climbed above $2.70 a gallon this week. Gail Weinholzer with Triple-A Iowa says fuel prices around the upper Midwest have been affected by the temporary closing of two major crude oil pipelines in Canada. “One shut down about six weeks ago and the other shut down last week,” Weinholzer said. “The first one was for maintenance and the second one – there was a slight leak discovered.”

The pipeline that was shut down for maintenance should be back on line soon. A week ago at this time, gas prices in Iowa were roughly a dime a gallon cheaper. Weinholzer doesn’t expected prices to drop until the Canadian pipelines are reactivated.

“We’re typically insulated from hurricanes in the Gulf because we get most of our fuel from Canada,” Weinholzer said. “Unfortunately, this one time it’s having a slightly negative effect for a short period of time. We should be back to lower gas prices within the next couple of weeks.” Iowa’s gas prices are still slightly below the national average.