Kirk Ferentz

University of Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz will give his players a chances to heal the bruises and bumps during their bye week before they begin to prepare for a trip to Michigan.

Ferentz talked about the off week on the Big Ten teleconference. Ferentz says they have been going at it eight weeks and it will be another eight weeks before they have time off after they get back to action. He says they have had more injuries this year than they have in the past.

The running back situation is looking thin after looking crowded in fall camp. Ferentz says one thing that looks unlikely is a return of sophomore Brandon Wegher to the team. Ferentz says,”He’s gone for at least this season and you know, for all I know maybe forever, but that’s something he’ll decide and work through and we’ll discuss if it’s every appropriate. But right now, we’re coaching the guys that are here.”

Senior end Adrian Clayborn was named Big Ten defensive player of the year. Some have wondered if Clayborn was off to a slow start with few sacks after receiving a lot of preseason attention. Ferentz says Clayborn is a good player who has been playing well and things will come. He says you can’t press to hard and try to change what you’re doing.

Ferentz says good players get a lot of attention whether they are a defender or quarterback and Clayborn has to just keep playing and good things will come like they did last week. Clayborn had a game-high 10 tackles, including three tackles for loss and a sack, to help hold Penn State to a field goal in a 24-3 victory on Saturday.

 Clayborn was part of a Hawkeye defense that limited PSU to only 54 rushing yards and allowed only three of 13 third-down conversions.