Iowa needs a win at Indiana to stay in the Big Ten title race. Hoosier quarterback Ben Chappel injured his foot in a loss to Northwestern but is expected to play. Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz says it might keep him from thinking run first, but he still throws the ball well and they will prepare like he will be in there. The Hoosiers have the top ranked passing attack in the Big Ten.

He says they have good receivers and an excellent scheme and having an experienced quarterback helps. Ferentz says the Hawks will have trouble getting pressure on Chappel. He says they have a veteran line, but the bad news is that Indiana gets rid of the ball quickly.

A year ago the Hoosiers dominated the first three quarters before the Hawks scored 28 points in the final quarter to get the win.

Indiana coach Bill Lynch says it’s something they don’t have to bring up as the players remember it and have respect for Iowa. Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi has thrown only two interceptions all season. He had five in last year’s game against Indiana.

Lynch says it was a windy day last year and both teams had trouble throwing into the wind, and he says that’s why last year won’t have any bearing on this game.