Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads says he does not regret calling for a fake extra point in a loss to Nebraska and is not surprise most Cyclone fans have supported his decision. The Cyclones tried to win the game in overtime but a pass from holder Daniel Kuehl to Colin Franklin was intercepted and I.S.U came up short 31-30.

“We were playing to win the game, we made a sound decision in an effort to end the ballgame in one play against a team that’s ranked number eight right now in the country and also in the top ten in the BCS rankings,” Rhoads says. Rhoads says the decision to call the fake was made before the overtime started. He says he made it before the coin toss going into overtime.

Rhoads says they wanted to play defense first, got that opportunity and when both scored and they were down one, then he knew after seeing what they had done if they executed the play well, then it was there.

Rhoads says the players were ready to go back to work when he met with them on Sunday. He says there was not doubt they felt the pain, but had a confidence level over what they’ve done the last three weeks, and that confidence remains to be built on. Speculation is swirling regarding the future of Colorado coach Dan Hawkins. The Buffaloes are 0-5 in the Big-12 after squandering a 28 point fourth quarter lead in a loss to Kansas.

Rhoads says the Cyclones only concern is what will take place on the field, as he says they have a good football team. He says Colorado was beaten soundly by a team that they had to come from behind to beat. Rhoads does not want to call this a “trap” game, even though it falls between games with Nebraska and Missouri.

Rhoads says he doesn’t know if this group of players knows what a trap game is, as he says they have been trying to continually improve and are only concerned with preparing for the game.

See photos from the game below: