Iowa Secretary of State, Michael Mauro, says a record number of voters cast ballots in the general election this month. Mauro says 54%percent of registered voters went to the polls.

Mauro says that wasn’t a record percentage, but it was a record for number of participants as just over 1.133-million people voted. Mauro says  over 350,000 people voted early and he says it looked like several of the people who voted early had in the past voted in person on election day.

Mauro says there appeared to be few problems in tabulating the votes. Mauro says there were “very minimal” issues and two recounts in state legislative races that have been decided. The State Boar of Canvassers that includes Mauro, the governor, treasurer, auditor and ag secretary, certified the statewide results today.

The results will become official after the legislature canvasses the votes in January. This will be Mauro’s last vote as the top state election official, as he lost his bid for a second term. The certification also officially marks the ouster of three Iowa Supreme Court justices, and sets in motion the process to replace them.

You can see the election results on-line