Police say a student at an Omaha high school shot two administrators in the school early Wednesday afternoon.

According to authorities, a principal and an assistant principal were shot by Robert Butler, Junior, a 17-year-old high school senior. Police say Butler killed himself.  His body was found in a car about a mile from the school. Millard South has about 2000 students.

Parents gathered at a church across the street, anxiously trying to contact their children inside the high school. 

“I was asking him to answer me and I just said, ‘I love you,’ and it took about 35 or 40 minutes and he finally answered me,” one woman said. The school was placed on lock down and students were told to take cover.

Another mother standing across the street from the school described her emotions to a reporter for the Nebraska Radio Network. “Panic.  I couldn’t believe it,” one mother said. “I was thinking, ‘Was this Columbine again, on the first day back?’ I never want that feeling again.” 

Butler’s father is an Omaha policeman.  However, Butler was new to the Omaha school, transferring in from a school in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Butler left an expletive-laced message on his Facebook page before the shootings, saying the new school had “changed” him and “drove” him to commit the “evil” act.

(Thanks to Terry James, news director for the Nebraska Radio Network)