A western Iowa man, wanted for the murder earlier this month of an Omaha man, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of 1st degree murder. Police in Omaha say 28-year-old Justin Reinders, of Persia in Harrison County, was taken into custody in connection with the January 6th shooting of 54-year old Milton E. Jackson, the assistant manager of an Omaha service station.

Reinders was also charged for using a weapon to commit a felony. Police alleged Reinders entered the business and shot Jackson, before fleeing on foot, and eventually taking off in a red car. A vehicle matching the description was observed driving away from the area at speeds of up to 100-miles an hour.

The same car was later spotted near Neola, but officers were unable to locate it after an extensive search. Omaha police have not said whether the shooting was the result of an attempted robbery or something else. They wouldn’t elaborate on what led them to identify Reinders as a suspect. Jackson’s death was the third by homicide in Omaha, this year.

By Ric Hanson, KJAN, Atlantic