Blizzard conditions posed numerous problems for Department of Transportation road crews throughout the evening and with daylight they’re now working to catch up. D.O.T. spokesperson Dena Gray-Fisher says the plows that had been pulled due to windy conditions are now back at it.

Gray-Fisher says all plows are back out on the roads, but she says gusty wind conditions continue to hamper operations and she says it is going to be a very slow recovery. The worst area is in the southeast, as they continue to find roads that have been opened and then become blocked again.

Gray-Fisher says a major roadway in eastern Iowa is still shut down. She says U.S. Highway 218 is closed from Iowa City all the way to the Missouri border, as it is blocked by drifts and vehicles. Gray-Fisher says they will also work on the higher level roads to get them open. Over two dozen motorists were caught out in the storm.

Gray-Fisher says highway assistance teams composed of D.O.T. personnel, state troopers and the Iowa National Guard were able to rescue 32 people who were stranded in the storm. Gray-Fisher says many of those who became stranded were out-of-state travelers.

She says they were trying to make it to their destination and got caught up in the storm.

You can find the current road conditions by calling 5-1-1 or go to: