Events are going on through this weekend to help college students and parents make their way through the paperwork needed for financial aid. Brittania Morey with the Iowa College Access Network (I-CAN), says the event is called “Iowa College Goal Sunday.”

Morey says it provides free assistance in filling out the student aid forms, specifically the “FAFSA”  of “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” form, which is required for all federal student aid for college. Morey says the experts at the events allow families to get through the process much faster.

She says it takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete the process with a professional student aid volunteer, while it takes the average first-time filer between two and four hours to complete the process on their own. You can find out about the events on-line.

Morey says the College Goal Sunday website is, and it will give you the locations of the events throughout the state. She says the website will also tell you the things you need to fill out the forms.

Morey says it has a list of items to bring, as most students will need their parents income information and any financial information for the student. For more information about Iowa College Goal Sunday, you can call 877-272-4692.