The Internal Revenue Service has introduced a program it says will help some taxpayers get a fresh start by making it easier for them to pay off the taxes they owe. I.R.S. spokesman, Christopher Miller, says it involves changes in how tax liens are handled, beginning with increasing the dollar amount threshold used to determine when liens are issued.

He says it will also provide more flexibility for withdrawing liens after someone pays their tax bill, not filing liens in cases where taxpayers enter installment agreements using direct debit payments, creating easier access to installment programs, and expanding the program known as “Offer in Compromise” to cover more taxpayers. Miller says the idea is to make it easier for those people who have fallen behind, but are trying to pay their debt.

“We understand there are many taxpayers facing tough economic times and we hope these steps will help reduce the burden on taxpayers, while at the same time allowing them to meet their tax obligation, and allowing the I.R.S. to responsible do its job to collect the taxes,” Miller says. Miller says the program focuses on individuals and small businesses.

He says if you have a tax obligation, now is the time to take a look and see if any of the expanded programs might apply to you. Miller says it’s one way to try and help people who’re trying to pay off their I.R.S. debt. Miller says not everyone option applies to every person or business, and it all depends on the individual situation. “But we believe these steps will give more flexibility to more taxpayers facing tough times,” Miller says.

Miller says you can the local I.R.S. office to find out more about the program, or go on-line to