A group that’s fought the expansion of factory-style farms in Iowa for more than three decades is taking aim at a number of proposals at the statehouse. Larry Ginter with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI) led a rally today calling for the defeat of several bills.

“We love Iowa scenery and we want to protect its water, its air and our quality of life,” Ginter said. More than 50 CCI members gathered at the Capitol for the group’s “lobby day.” Ginter outlined five factory farm deregulations bills he believes will lead to more air and water pollution in the state.

“Multiple bills being pushed by Governor Branstad and his legislative allies are moving through the House and Senate and would rollback 12 years of environmental protections that CCI members have fought so hard to win. That ain’t right,” Ginter said.

See the CCI  news release here: www.capwiz.com/iowacci/issues/alert/?alertid=33901501&type=ST