Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads says the ability to makes defenders miss leads to big plays and he hopes to see more of it next season from the Cyclone receivers and running backs. I.S.U. is coming off a 5-7 season and a lack of explosive plays was a factor. Rhoads says most of the big play ability is natural and you recruit players with it, but you can also work on it in the offseason with change of direction and speed drills.

Rhoads says a number of newcomers in the receiving ranks have the ability to make big plays. He says those players have the ability to turn a 7-yard pass into a 70-yard touchdown. Rhoads says the running back spot will have more depth this season.

He says they will miss Alexander Robinson, but will have more guys capable of producing at the position.

Iowa State’s spring game is April 16th.