The members of the Iowa Supreme Court have voted to give the interim chief justice the position on a permanent basis. Justice Mark Cady took over the job on an interim basis in December to replace former Chief Justice Marsha Ternus.

Ternus was one of three justices voted off the court in the November retention election following the ruling that threw out Iowa’s law banning gay marriage. Three new justices recently joined the court and all seven have now voted to make Cady the permanent chief justice.

Cady is the most senior member of the court, serving for 13 years. He issued a statement saying he is honored by his colleagues confidence in him and says “I pledge to do everything in my power to ensure the Iowans continue to have a high-caliber court system that provides fair and impartial justice according to the law and equally to all.”

Cady has publicly said he has no regrets about the gay marriage ruling and said the public uproar will not cause the court to shy away from controversial cases. Cady and the four other members of the court that were a part of the gay marriage decision are being targeted for removal by those opposed to the ruling. Cady will be up for a retention vote in 2016.