Iowa offensive coordinator Ken O’Keefe says while the Hawkeye offense has potential it has a long ways to go. Quarterback Rick Stanzi is gone but seven players with starting experience return and junior quarterback James Vandenburg started the final two games of the 2009 season.

O’Keefe says just like any offense they’ve had, they have a chance to be good if they execute and there are a lot of parts that have to come together to get to that point. O’Keefe admits the offense has looked good this spring but says he is not satisfied.

He says he is a coach and is never happy until he sees the finished product. O’Keefe says you are not successful until every player and the entire unit is doing everything that they can do. O’Keefe says there is a lack of experience at some key positions and they players are still learning what to do. He says runningback and quarterback are examples of players who have not started many games.

The Hawkeyes close out spring drills with a controlled practice on Saturday.