Students planning to head off to one of the three state universities will have to sock away a little more money after the Board of Regents voted Thursday to increase room and board rates. Students on a standard meal plan in a double occupancy room will pay an average of three to five percent more at the University of Iowa, Iowa State and Northern Iowa.

Board president David Miles says the increase is needed to cover the rising costs of utilities, staffing and food. “Those facilities have to stand on their own so they have to pay for themselves, at least break even and generate enough money for a reserve and their costs are going up,” Miles says. Miles says the board did consider the effect the increase will have on students.

“And we know that it is going to have an impact, but…if we are gonna provide the kind of facilities that student need to be successful and to have the right kind of environment we’ll need to have to continue to reinvest in that,” Miles says.

University of Iowa students will see the biggest increase — 5% — in their room and board charges. Iowa State’s costs are going up 4.3% and U.N.I.’s 3%.