There’s been a mass exodus from the Gingrich campaign. 

The paid staff in Iowa for Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich have all resigned today, as have all his other top advisors.

Gingrich stumbled after formally entering the race over a month ago, getting blasted for criticizing Republican Congressman Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan and for buying up to half a million dollars worth of baubles for his third wife at the high-end Tiffany and Company.

Gingrich has been vacationing in Greece, but he issued a statement, saying his campaign will ‘begin anew on Sunday in Los Angeles.”

Linda Upmeyer, the Republican leader in the Iowa House who has been Gingrich’s campaign chairwoman in Iowa, issued a statement. She said the staff departures are “disheartening” but she is reserving an announcement about her role in the campaign until she speaks with Gingrich about “his future plans.”