Prosecutors in the trial of Michael Swanson continued linking evidence found in his vehicle to the fatal killing of Humboldt convenience store clerk Sheila Myers during testimony today. Iowa Assistant Attorney General Becky Goettsch called D.C.I. special agent Jack Liao to the stand Wednesday morning.

Liao was part of the team that searched Swanson’s jeep Grand Cherokee following his arrest by Webster City police. Liao testified taht evidence found in the jeep was the same evidence presented by the prosecution, including a 40-caliber pistol. The prosecution had presented evidence Tuesday that linked Swanson’s D.N.A. to the gun and shell casings at the scene of the crime. They also showed that Swanson’s fingerprints were on the shells.

State associate medical examiner, Dr. Michelle Catellier testified that Myers died due to a gunshot wound to the left side of the face. The prosecution will continue its case today.

By Jeff Blankman, KCIM, Carroll