Governor Terry Branstad says he is trying to determine the best action to take after corrections officials said an Iowa Supreme Court ruling last month could change the sentences of some 3,200 inmates. The court ruled a convicted sex offender should receive credit for time served under home supervision, even though the man violated his parole while at home.

Branstad says they are reviewing the situation to protect the safety of the citizens of the state. “The concern would be those people (who’re) sexual predators, that’ve committed dangerous crimes would be a risk if they were released early, and we want to see what can be done about that,” Branstad said.

Branstad says he wants to see all the options before deciding how to handle the issue. He says they are working with the corrections department and also with the legislature to determine the correct response for dealing with the situation.

The Iowa Supreme Court ruling would cover anyone who had their probation revoked while under supervision regardless of their crime.