The Iowa Supreme Court has issued a ruling on the release of sexual predators. Harold Johnson was found to be a sexually violent predator in July of 2003. In 2006 he underwent a review to determine if he still had the mental problems that caused him to be sexually violent.

The Story County District Court ruled Johnson did not show evidence that he should be given a hearing whether his condition had improved enough to allow him to be released. Johnson appealed and won the right to a hearing. The hearing was eventually set, but Johnson filed another appeal saying the hearing was not set within the 60-day time limit as required and he should be released from custody.

The Iowa Supreme Court denied Johnson’s request that he be released, ruling the hearing simply has to be scheduled within 60-days and does not have to take place within the 60-day limit. Johnson did have the hearing and it determined his condition had not improved enough and he will still be considered a sexually violent predator.