An Iowa turkey. (file photo)

An industry official says Iowa consumers will find good bargains when buying the big bird for their Thanksgiving feast. Gretta Irwin, executive director of the Iowa Turkey Federation, says even after you’ve purchased your great gobbler, you may still find that your pocketbook is stuffed.

“We’re seeing really excellent prices here in Iowa,” Irwin says. “The Farm Bureau Foodbasket Survey came out and the turkey’s average on that was around $1.45 a pound but here in Iowa, I’m seeing much lower prices than that.”

Irwin says Iowa’s turkey industry continues to grow. “It’s looking very good for us here in the state,” she says. “In 2011, we are scheduled to raise about 10.7-million turkeys, but in 2012, we’re looking at about 11-million turkeys. We’re continuing to add family farmers into our realm of raising turkeys.”

Earlier this month, the ribbon was cut to open a new turkey hatchery in Osceola. Learn more about the industry at: “

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City