Analysts now say consumers in parts of the U.S. will see gasoline at $4.25 a gallon by Memorial Day.

Iowans are now paying $3.80 a gallon on average. A month ago, the statewide average was $3.46.

Rose White, at AAA-Iowa, says motorists can save fuel by following a few simple tips, like changing up how they buy gas, for starters.

“Some grocery store chains are offering discounts at fuel outlets and if you can combine that with credit card discounts that are offered or rebates, the combination can save you as much as a dollar a gallon.”

Experts say an idling engine burns about a half-gallon of gas every 30 minutes, so White says if the car doesn’t need to be running, shut it off.

“Unnecessary idling wastes fuel so avoid those long drive-thru lanes at fast food restaurants, car washes and banks,” she says. “Check and replace your air filter twice a year.”

Avoid slamming on the brakes and jackrabbit starts as they can reduce fuel efficiency by 30-percent. Also, if you don’t need premium fuel, don’t buy it.

White says every time a driver pulls up to a gas pump, they should check their tire pressure.

“The average motorist wastes 10-percent of their fuel by driving on under-inflated tires,” she says. “And also those heavy items you may have in your trunk, like bags of sand, they should be removed.”

White says to combine trips by stopping at the grocery store on the way home from work instead of making an extra trip. AAA also recommends removing roof-top cargo containers as they can cause wind resistance and worse mileage.