A former Davenport mayor, Scott County supervisor and cop is in trouble with the law. Fifty-three-year old Pat Gibbs Sr., who worked as a clerk at a Davenport pawn shop, is charged with felony theft. He turned himself in on an arrest warrant Thursday and pleaded not guilty during his arraignment.

Citing a police report, the Quad City Times says Gibbs is accused of misappropriating $9,700 worth of property. Police say between January and April of this year, he deleted legitimate jewelry transactions at the pawn shop, then created fraudulent purchase tickets using fictitious customers.

Police say he signed the fake customers’ names and pocketed the money from the purchase. The Times reports an investigation by police included surveillance footage. Gibbs, who was released on his own recognizance, was a Davenport cop for 22 years, mayor for six years and supervisor for four years.

By Phil Roberts, Davenport