A man who popped some “wheelies” in front of a Cedar Rapids cop later wrecked his bike and his passenger wound up going to jail. On Thursday morning Cedar Rapids Police say two motorcycles passed a cop, who saw one of the bikes “pop a wheelie through” an intersection.

The cop started following the motorcycles and the same motorcyclist did the same stunt in another intersection. The cop hit his flashing red lights when the motorcyclists started going 70 miles an hour. One cycle stopped then, but the other kept going and went faster.

The male driver of that motorcycle soon lost control on a city street. Both he and his female passenger were thrown off the cycle. Neither wore helmets; both went to the hospital.

Passenger Krystal Lee Williams was released from the hospital but taken to the Linn County Jail. Her probation was revoked on charges of child endangerment and interference with official acts.