The Iowa Court of Appeals has ruled some of the court fees charged to the former director of the Iowa Film Office should be returned. Thomas Wheeler faced several charges in connection with the misuse of film tax credits that ultimately led to him being fired as the manager of the Iowa Film Office.

One of the initial charges was a misdemeanor count of non-felonious misconduct in office. That charge was later dropped by the state when felony charges were substituted in its place.

The district court ruled a $1,000 bond paid by Wheeler should not be released even after the misdemeanor charge was dismissed, because Wheeler owed court costs. Wheeler appealed saying he should not have to pay court costs for a charge that was dismissed. He also said the state should have to pay the cost of depositions and his attorney fees.

The Iowa Court of Appeals ruled that the district court should release the bond money, and that Wheeler does not have to pay 80 dollars in court reporter costs since the charge was dismissed. The Appeals Court however said Wheeler could not recover attorney fees, or the costs of depositions and transcripts in the case even though the charge had been dropped.

Wheeler was eventually found guilty of one of nine charges he faced — misconduct in office. He was sentenced to two years probation.