A central Iowa high school football team has lost its helmets, pads and uniforms in a fire just one week before the start of practice. Des Moines School District spokesman Phil Roeder says the fire happened Tuesday night at the stadium Des Moines East shares with Grand View University.

“The good news is no one was injured,” Roeder said. “The bad news is (the fire) destroyed a lot of the equipment of the Des Moines East Scarlet football team.” Damage is estimated at $70,000 to $100,000.

Grand View’s football gear is stored in a separate facility. Roeder believes football practice for East will still begin next week.

“We’re working fast and furious now with athletic suppliers to get new equipment lined up for the team right away,” Roeder said.

Investigators are calling the fire “suspicious” as witnesses reported seeing two vehicles leave the stadium parking lot shortly before firefighters arrived. The fire was contained to offices and locker and equipment rooms. The football field was not damaged.