A new report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows Iowa is among the states which saw income growth among its residents last year.

In 2011, the median household income in Iowa rose ever so slightly — by a tenth-of-a-percent — to nearly $49,500. While that’s a slim increase, the national median income dropped last year by more than a percentage point. Median household income grew in only 13 states and the District of Columbia.

Iowans who lived in cities saw their income grow more — by nearly one percent — compared to those who live in rural Iowa, as rural Iowans’ median income in 2011 dropped by just over three percent according to the Census Bureau.

Maryland, by the way, is the “richest” state, with a median household income of 70-thousand dollars. Mississippi is the “poorest” with the highest percentage of residents living in poverty and a median household income of about $37,000.