A manufacturing business in Mason City broke ground on a new headquarters Wednesday. Metalcraft president and C.E.O. Steve Doerfler says the current three story building was flooded in 2008, so the move will help avoid a similar disaster in the future.

“The other reason is simply related to the fact that we are outgrowing this facility,” Doerfler said. The company develops identification products and processes to help businesses track property – using radio frequency identification (RFID), bar code and other technologies. Doerfler hopes the new facility will be open by next September.

The $4 million plant, located just west of Mason City, will have 46,000 square feet for manufacturing space and offices. Metalcraft currently has 81 employees. Doerfler said the new space will allow the company to improve efficiency and grow sales without having to immediately add workers.

“We also believe we’re going to grow beyond the need of efficiency and we’re going to need to add people and members to our team,” Doerfler said. The city council in Mason City approved a deal that will pay Metalcraft $1,000 for each job the company creates that pays up to $15 an hour. The city will pay $2,500 for each job created that pays more than $15 an hour.