U.N.I. football coach Mark Farley is still waiting for his team to reach their potential, and says there are several factors keeping the Panthers from playing their best. He says the team keeps tripping themselves up.

“We’re just getting in our own way…we did some very good things, but at the same time we got in our way and that’s why we got beat,” Farley says. Farley says his team has also been hit hard by injuries…not necessarily big injuries, but more so lingering issues that continue to keep players out of practice.

He says they knew that had some positions where they weren’t as strong, but thought they would come around and then they had injuries at those positions. Every team deals with injuries, but Farley says the ones U.N.I. has had to work through have taken a toll on his team’s consistency.

Farley acknowledges that the Panthers have yet to play their best football, and he blames that on an inability to get and keep momentum.

He says they are tired of saying they had a chance to win every ball game and they haven’t kept the momentum going to get the win.

The Panthers are still in search of their first win in Missouri Valley Football Conference play. They’ll try to pick up that victory this Saturday when they host South Dakota State for their Homecoming game.

By Jesse Gavin, KCNZ, Cedar Falls