Two central Iowa men have been sentenced to federal prison for a firebombing that happened January 3, 2011.

Prosecutors say four men were trying to destroy the leasing office for the Deer Ridge Apartment Complex in Des Moines to cover up a burglary there. Investigators determined three Molotov cocktails were thrown at the office, damaging the building and two vehicles parked nearby. No people were injured.

This past week a federal judge sentenced 31-year-old Dentaro Andrew Lee of Des Moines to five years in prison for conspiracy to commit malicious damage or destruction by use of explosive materials. Thirty-six-year-old Robert Earl Bell got a sentence of over four years.

Two other men were accused of throwing the Molotov cocktails, but prosecutors say Bell and Lee helped get the components for the firebombs and helped transport the other two men to and from the bombing site. The other two men involved in this crime were sentenced earlier this year.