Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz plans to use the unexpected month off to try and retool the Hawkeyes. Iowa missed out on a bowl for the first time since 2007 after finishing with a 4-8 record and the coaches will use the extra time off to hit the recruiting trail.

“Decembers are crazy when you are in a bowl, and it’s a good crazy, but you’re hitting recruiting, trying to do some game prep, you’re trying to keep an eye on everybody on campus. If there’s a good thing about not going to a bowl, we got a lot more time on that, the recruiting part, self examination, talking to our players,” Ferentz says.

Ferentz says they will be looking for players who could have an immediate impact. “We’ll look anywhere, we’re going to try and improve the team, JUCO, high school, we’ll look at anything if we think they can help us,” Ferentz says.

Ferentz says the biggest areas of need are on defense where they have 3 senior linebackers. And he says they will be looking for guys who can score touchdowns on offense.