Iowa’s congressional delegation is making clear they likely would be “no” votes if the House and Senate were to vote this week on a military strike into Syria.

Before the president spoke tonight, Republican Congressmen Tom Latham said he had seen no information that would lead any serious-minded person to support military action. Republican Congressman Steve King told reporters this afternoon he’d be a no as well, but King said it looks like Russia has come up with a diplomatic solution.

After Obama’s speech tonight, Senator Chuck Grassley said the Russian proposal to force Syria’s government to turn over chemical weapons to international monitors presents a possible alternative. Senator Tom Harkin said he supports the Obama Administration’s work with the international community to take control of Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons.

Democratic Congressman Dave Loebsack said the administration’s been moving too quickly on Syria and he’s pleased the vote to authorize the use of force in Syria has been taken off the table. Democratic Congressman Bruce Braley said the international community needs to be more directly involved in holding Syria’s dictator responsible and he’s pleased that avenue is now being explored.