Fallen Peace Officer license plates are available through the DOT's website or your county treasurer's office.

Fallen Peace Officer license plates are available through the DOT’s website or your county treasurer’s office.

A new specialty license plate is now available from the Iowa Department of Transportation. “The Fallen Peace Officer plate is a plat that honors members of Iowa’s law enforcement community who have unfortunately lost their lives in the line of duty,” Mark Lowe of the DOT explains. “They were authorized by the Iowa Legislature in 2011.”

The plates cost $35, with an annual renewal cost of $10. “Fees go to the Department of Public and they give those to non-profit agencies through grants that assist folks who have been affected by a law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty,” Lowe says.

The DOT will add new specialty plates if the group asking for the plates can get enough people signed up to buy them. Lowe says they typically require orders for 500 plates to move ahead with production — but the Iowa Legislature lowered the number to 250 so they could get the Fallen Peace Office plates produced as soon as possible.

Lowe says you can order the Fallen Peace Officer plates at your county treasurer’s office. “Or they can go on-line and find the plate and the application form — which they can mail directly to us– at www.IowaDOT.gov,” Lowe says.

The state now has over 60 specialty plates.