A 28-year-old woman deemed too drunk to fly now faces a variety of charges after allegedly getting in a scuffle with five Des Moines police officers. According to a police report, Ann Marie Clark was told at about 1:30 Wednesday afternoon she could not board her flight out of the Des Moines Airport because she was too intoxicated. She started screaming and cussing.

A female police officer tried to corral Clark and Clark kicked the cop. Two male officers arrived to assist. Clark bit one and kicked at the other. As those two male officers put Clark in cuffs, two other policemen held her down as Clark was still struggling. Clark has been charged with disorderly conduct, interference with official acts and two counts of assault on a police officer.

Clark also faces one count of assault causing bodily injury on a police officer as the female officer was taken to the hospital for treatment of an ankle injury.