A Des Moines-based consultant who’s been part of Barack Obama’s campaign team says there is “no doubt” Hillary Clinton will “run an aggressive campaign” for the Iowa Caucuses if she decides to run for president in 2016. Jeff Link also suggests Clinton “cannot afford” to skip Iowa.

“She will be a national front-runner like we’ve never seen before and she will have a 50-state strategy,” Link says.

Link, who also worked on Al Gore’s Iowa campaign nearly 13 years ago, says Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is another female contender who’s stirring interest among Democratic activists.

“I think she’s a star in our party and I think she’s attracting attention around the country,” Link says. “Obviously she was a prolific fundraiser in her senate race. I think she raised $60 million to run for the United States senate. She has a network that is ready to mount a national campaign, if she decided to.”

Warren has publicly said she’ll support Clinton’s candidacy, if Clinton runs.  Link made his comments today during taping of the “Iowa Press” program that airs Friday night on Iowa Public Television.