A 32-year-old southwest Iowa man faces a variety of charges, including attempted murder, for two separate shooting incidents on Tuesday night.

Peter Wiley of Creston is accused of shooting his 40-year-old brother at an acreage in rural Page County. Mitch Mortvedt, the special agent in charge of the investigation, says it appears Wiley then drove to Corning where he got into an argument with a female acquaintance.

“It was our understanding that they were actually parked and talking in a parking lot and at some point, then, some altercation came into play and it escalated to the point with her trying to drive away and him firing shots at her,” Mortvedt says.

Authorities were notified to be on the look-out for Wiley and Mortvedt says a police officer spotted Wiley’s vehicle Wednesday morning in Creston.

“The officer attempted to pull it over and a short pursuit ensued and at that time Mr. Wiley slid his car into a ditch and, as other officers were responding and trying to get Mr. Wiley out of the vehicle and apprehend him, the car caught fire and he was burned on his hands and had his hair and eyebrows and those kinds of things singed off,” Mortvedt says.

Wiley was treated at a local hospital for the burns, then transferred to the Adams County Jail. Wiley has been charged with attempted murder and going armed with Intent for shooting at the woman’s car in Corning. Charges are pending in the Page County shooting. Wiley’s brother was dropped off at the hospital in Shenandoah on Tuesday night with gunshot wounds, then transferred to an Omaha hospital. Authorities say the brother’s wounds are not life-threatening.

Wiley will also be facing additional charges in Union County for the car chase, including hit and run and eluding law enforcement as well as being a felon in possession of a firearm. Wiley had been released from prison about a year ago according to the Iowa Board of Parole’s website.