Democratic Congressman Dave Loebsack says the November election “will hinge” on two key issues: Social Security and Medicare. Loebsack spoke Tuesday at The Des Moines Register’s Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair.

“I think everyone here can agree whether you’re a Republivan or a Democrat or an independent or whatever you may be, a libertarian, that Medicare and Society Security are the two greatest anti-povery programs in the history of this country,” Loebsack said.

Loebsack, a Democrat from Iowa City, faces Republican challenger Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Ottumwa this year. Loebsack accuses her of supporting ideas advanced by Republicans like George W. Bush and Paul Ryan — letting younger workers invest their own Social Security taxes and giving seniors a stipend to buy health insurance.

“‘That’s what my opponent and others want to see happen. Voucherize Medicare — I’ve never been for that, folks. I’ve been for privalization of Social Security. I never will be for those two things,” Loebsack said. “Never folks.”

Loebsack acknowledged the partisan gridlock in Washingont, but also cited eamples of how he’s worked across the aisle with Republican Congressman Steve King to preserve the production tax credit for wind energy and with another Republican in the House on job training legislation.

AUDIO of Loebsack’s speech