UNI plays host to Iowa State this evening in a college volleyball matchup and the Panthers are hoping to set a new attendance record in the McLeod Center.

UNI coach Bobbie Petersen says they broke that attendance record against the Cyclones last year at home and a scheduling conflict led to the game being back in Cedar Falls where she hopes to break the attendance record again. Becker says the Cyclones are a good “blocking” team as they are big at the net and make it look very easy with their blocking scheme.

ISU coach Christy Johnson-Lynch says the Cyclones need to improve their offensive attack. She says they are holding opponents to a low percentage and blocking balls, so the defense looks good, but they need to improve the defense.

Johnson-Lynch says the Panthers will provide a challenge in a number of areas. “I do think a lot of it will be playing good ball on our side of the net, staying balanced offensively, staying aware and continuing to be a good defensive team,” Johnson-Lynch says.

Elwin Huffman, KOEL, Oelwein contributed to this story.