windmillPoweshiek County could be the home to Iowa’s latest wind farm. County Supervisor Trevor White says Trade Wind Energy out of Kansas City has been conducting the tests between Montezuma and Deep River for several years.

“They just got approved to put four more metrological towers up in that area. They’ve already got most of the leases figured out for most of the ground down there,” White says.

He says their plan is to put up 75 wind turbines and possibly up to 100, depending on the need. White says testing will take about another year. He says constructing the wind farm would be an economic boon for the area as the project would create extra jobs and sales in the area for the construction of the wind farm.

White says the county would also see benefits. “A very good revenue source for property taxes, it could boost the tax valuation — especially in that area — very much,” according to White. White says Trade Wind Energy will put the electricity produced out to bid to Mid-American and Alliant. He says if everything progresses, construction could begin as early as next spring or summer.

(Reporting by Chris Johnson, KGRN, Grinnell)