Sen. Chuck Grassley

Sen. Chuck Grassley

As 2015 wraps up, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says he’s looking ahead to 2016 with the promise of getting more accomplished in Washington D.C.

Grassley, a Republican, says if there were three items on his legislative wish list for the year ahead, they’d revolve around the Senate Judiciary Committee, which he chairs.

“Juvenile justice reform, sentencing reform and patent reform,” Grassley says, “that’s on top of some other bills that are a little less controversial that got a committee, but the three bills I just told you about have been very bipartisan, even though maybe they weren’t unanimous out of my committee.”

Last week, Grassley released a long list of what he sees as major accomplishments during the year, including new reforms in health care, accountability for sexual assaults, and advancements for energy, including renewable fuels. He says 2016 should bring more progress.

“I look forward to having a budget this year because for six years under (former Senate Leader and Democrat Harry) Reid, we didn’t have budgets,” Grassley says, “and then we need to do hopefully a Trans-Pacific Partnership deal and hopefully, get started on tax reforms.”

The next several days will be spent on the family farm in northeast Iowa near New Hartford, but next week, Grassley says he’ll be getting back to work.

“Next Monday, I’ll be back in Waterloo and will begin my 99 county meetings for the new year,” Grassley says. “I’ll travel to Grundy Center, Allison, Waverly, New Hampton, Calmar, Cresco, Osage, Clear Lake and Manly for town meetings and Q-and-A with Iowans.”

Grassley holds a meeting in each of Iowa’s 99 counties every year, what some politicians have dubbed as “The Full Grassley.” 2015 marked the senator’s 35th straight year of holding those meetings — with 40 town meetings and question-and-answer sessions at 17 schools and at 42 local businesses and service clubs.