After months of listening to the candidates, Iowans now get to vote.

After months of listening to the candidates, Iowans now get to vote.

The candidates have been talking to Iowans for months. Now Iowa Caucus-goers get to have their say on the crop of 2016 presidential candidates.

Dan Meloan of Cedar Rapids isn’t a regular caucus-goer, but he’s on Donald Trump’s “bandwagon” this year.

“He’s obviously very aggressive,” said Meloan, who attended a Trump rally in December. “He’s said some things that a lot of people didn’t like, but I’m ready for some action.”

Scott McLain of Creston said Ted Cruz “will make a fine president.”

“I believe that he means what he says, says what he means and he’s never changed his mind on any subject,” McLain said right after shaking Cruz’s hand during a campaign event in Creston. “He’s said the same thing from day one that he’s saying right now.”

Sasha Temple of Camanche is an Iowa State University student who’ll be attending a Democratic Caucus tonight.

“No matter Republican or Democratic, I think you should go out and Caucus for whoever because you have the right to choose who you want,” Temple said as she waited for Bernie Sanders to arrive for a speech in Ames last week, “and I choose Bernie.”

Linda Taube recently moved from Sioux City to Des Moines and started volunteering for Hillary Clinton in January.

“I campaigned for Obama in the last two elections, but we all said: ‘Hillary’s next and we’ll all be there,'” Taube said.

You have to be there, at your precinct, at least waiting in line to get in by 7 p.m. tonight or you won’t be able to participate in the Caucuses.