A former Iowa Democratic Party chairwoman and her two adult daughters will be among the protesters in tomorrow’s “Women’s March on Washington.”

“It seemed like the right thing, to make a statement, make a statement together,” says Sue Dvorsky of Coralville.

Dvorsky, a retired teacher, says she has been “shocked” by the kind of people President Trump has chosen to be in his cabinet.

“All of it feels off center and off kilter,” she says.

Dvorsky has been a Democratic Party activist for four decades and she worked as the women’s outreach director for Hillary Clinton’s Iowa campaign. Dvorsky says it feels like everything she believes in “is under assault” from the Trump Administration and the Republican dominated congress.
“And that feels like it requires a response,” Dvorsky says.

Dvorsky led the Iowa Democratic Party during the 2010 and 2012 election cycles. Dvorsky’s oldest daughter has worked in the U.S.D.A. for nearly two years. After Saturday’s march, she’ll be leaving Washington with her mother and sister and will head to Denver to look for work. Dvorsky’s younger daughter worked on a state senate campaign in 2012.

There is a Facebook page for a Women’s March in Iowa this Saturday. Organizers say they’ll gather on the capitol steps in Des Moines at 11 a.m.