The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship is looking for eligible farm owners to apply for this year’s Century and Heritage Farm Program. The Iowa Department of Agriculture’s program coordinator, Becky Lorenz, says there are a couple of requirements to gain the designation.

“They honor folks who have kept their farm — of at least 40 acres — in the same generational families for at least 100 years or more,” Lorenz says. A ceremony is held at the Iowa State Fair to recognize those who’ve had the farm for 100 years as Century Farms, and those who hit 150 years are named Heritage Farms. Lorenz said the programs were started in 1976

“Over 19,000 Century Farm awards have been issued and we are up to 940 heritage farms,” Lorenz says. There were 320 Century Farms and 103 Heritage Farms were recognized last year. Lorenz has been involved in the program the last six years.

“It always amazes me, we always have over 300 Century Farms each year, and now our Heritage Farms are starting to increase in numbers too. The last two years we’ve been over 100.” Lorenz says. She says it’s a fun day to share the recognition with the farm owners. Lorenz says applying for the Century and Heritage Farm program is easy.

She says you can go to the Iowa Department of Agriculture’s website a: to apply online on call Lorenz at 515-281-3645. The recognition ceremony this year will be Thursday, August 17th at the Iowa State Fair in the Pioneer Livestock Pavilion.

(Reporting by Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)