Americans are expected to wager $4.7 billion on Super Bowl 51 this weekend, and for some it could lead to problems.

Rox Ann Smith of Jackson Recovery Centers in Sioux City says they get more calls from people asking for help with their gambling addiction around the time of the big game.

“We see probably a ten percent increase in people calling — and that’s related to Super Bowl betting,” Smith says. You can bet on everything form who wins the coin toss to who makes the first touchdown or tackle in the game. Smith says a lot of people placing bets won’t necessarily be big gamblers, but are part of a rising trend involving betting on sports.

“For most people it’s not going to become a problem even though there are endless possibilities about what we can bet on,” Smith says. “The thing is, today there are just more opportunities for sports betting — from the office sports pools to home parties to online sports betting sites, mobile apps.” Smith says anyone wanting to talk to a gambling counselor anywhere in the state can get help through the state’s gambling treatment program.

“One-800-Bets-off is the best thing to remember. That number is answered 24 hours a day,” Smith explains. She says it’s a free program that’s paid for by the state’s 19 licensed casinos. You call in and you are directed to help in your area of the state.

(Reporting by Woody Gottburg, KSCJ, Sioux City)