A special investigation by the state auditor’s office has identified more than $6000 in improper spending by the former IT director for the University of Iowa athletic department.

Patrick Delin resigned in early February. Auditors reviewed his expense reports from the past five years. The investigation found he made about $1,600 worth of personal purchases on the University of Iowa’s dime.

State Auditor Mary Mosiman said he intentionally submitted five fake invoices for about a thousand dollars worth items. For example, he bought a dimmer switch for a light fixture from Amazon, but the invoice claimed he bought a computer hard drive.

The investigation also found Delin had given his wife a cell phone owned by the athletic department, but there was no record giving him authority to do that. Delin told auditors his wife needed the phone because she got calls after hour and on weekends because of job as an athletic department tutor. Auditors say “the majority of calls” made on the phone were with her husband.

Delin used his University of Iowa credit card to register for a conference in Miami he never attended and spend another $2,500 on a three-day conference in Colorado, but he left after day one. Delin told auditors he discovered the conference had nothing to do with his job.