Governor Kim Reynolds.

Governor Kim Reynolds isn’t commenting on the remarks made by the chair of the Iowa Republican Party criticizing a Nebraska Senator.

Party chair Jeff Kaufmann said during a rally by President Donald Trump last week in Cedar Rapids that he’s tired of Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse criticizing the president. Kaufmann said if Sasse doesn’t love Trump, he should stay on his side of the Missouri River.

Governor Reynolds was asked about the remarks at her weekly meeting with reporters. “You know, we are Iowa nice in Iowa and we are welcoming to everybody. And I’m proud of that Iowa nice designation. I am not going to second guess what other people say,” according to Reynolds. She was asked a second time about the remarks.

“I am going to focus on growing the economy, getting Iowans the skills that they need to be successful, to putting in place the most competitive business environment so that we can lead the nation as a destination spot that not only keeps our young people in this state — but says to Iowans who have left —‘Come back here because we have great things happening in Iowa’,” Reynolds says. “That’s my message, that’s what I am working on.”

Sasse is scheduled to speak in central Iowa next month. He’s the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for Story County Republicans.