Senator Chuck Grassley. (file photo)

Senator Chuck Grassley this morning said President Trump is the commander in chief and he does not disagree with Trump’s decision to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Grassley, though, is emphasizing the opening paragraphs of Trump’s address last night.

“I hope people took note of the fact that he spoke very strongly against bigotry in America and doing all we can to pull America back together again,” Grassley said. “It’s too bad he didn’t make that very clear on the Saturday of the Charlottesville incident.”

Grassley suggested Trump’s news conference a week ago “departed” from that message and Grassley said he’s glad Trump “further clarified” his thoughts last night.

“I think it’s very important that he do that,” Grassley said, “particularly at the very same time that he gets to the point of making a decision in regards to Afghanistan which is the opposite of what he said during the campaign.”

Grassley said presidents have access to more information than candidates before making decisions. Grassley considers Trump’s decision on Afghanistan to be focused on deterring terrorism.

“I don’t disagree with his decision,” Grassley said. “But even if I did disagree with it, it seems to me that if we’re going to send our men and women into battle…it’s my responsibility…to make sure that our folks in danger have all the tools that it takes to accomplish the goal that the commander-in-chief has assigned to them.”

Grassley made his comments this morning during a conference call with Iowa reporters.

AUDIO of Grassley answering question about last night’s speech