Two men are in custody after three people were shot early Sunday morning in downtown Iowa City about half an hour before closing time at bars in the area.

Iowa City police say none of the victims or the two men charged in connection with the shootings are University of Iowa students. Officials sent out a tweet Sunday morning to make that announcement after being flooded with calls from the parents of students.

Authorities say the shootings were the result of on-going conflicts between two groups of people from Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. Officials would not identify the groups as gangs, but indicated members of these groups are well-known to police in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.

The three shooting victims range in age from 22 to 27 and one of them was initially listed in critical condition by authorities. A 23-year-old Iowa City man has been charged with attempted murder and intimidation with a dangerous weapon. A 21-year-old from Cedar Rapids has been charged with trafficking in stolen weapons and interference with official acts and public intoxication.